SEO is an acronym of “Search Engine Optimization”. As we know that World Wide Web is a huge resource of everything and growing day by day. People search on the Internet to seek about products and services. Based on the result, they compare companies and decide which company to contact. The research shows that most of the traffic to the websites comes through the major commercial search engines – like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, & AskJeeves (although AOL gets nearly 10% of searches, their engine is powered by Google’s results).

So it is very clear that the website needs to be on the first few pages of the search engine results to receive the better traffic. No matter your site provides content, services, products or information; search engines are a primary method of navigation for almost all Internet users.

In short Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of Website Optimization to analyze the WebPages and make them search engine friendly so that they can stay on top of search result for particular keywords.

Bellow is the list of general steps to optimize the website in order to get the higher rankings in the search engines.

Keywords Analysis:-
Keywords are words or phrases the potential customer may use to search any business for their needs. For example if you are a taxation service provider in USA, “Tax Refund USA”, is called a keyword. The first step in Search Engine Optimization is identifying the important keywords for your business. By analyzing your business & your competitors, the list to be targeted for the search engine can be determined. Here is an example of a list of keywords for the taxation service provider in USA,

Tax Return USA Tax Refund USA USA TaxRapid Tax Refund Online Tax USA

Keyword Analysis includes looking at how many people in a given market search for each keyword to determine which one of these keywords is more important. Based on this keyword analysis optimization of the given web site is done to get you the best possible rank on the search engines.

Web Page Optimization:-
The Next Step after analyzing the keywords or say key research is to optimize the web site based on these keywords. Web site optimization includes: Meta Tags Optimization Keyword Enrichment and Link Building. First step in optimizing the Website is, Meta tag optimization. Meta tags are changed according to keywords in order to target those keywords. Then carefully adding and blending of those keywords are done within your website content so search engines could read them. At last the interlinking of your website’s pages is established, so the search engines can easily “crawl” your web site to read and rank them based on your keywords. After your web site is fully optimized, search engines submission is done.

Search Engine Submission:-
Search engines are software having a “spider” or “crawler” designed to go through number of web pages and read them. These spiders then analyze the data and index them in to a large searchable database. They also rank all those pages based on relativity for each keyword. The Web crawlers usually find web sites through linking between different web sites. The manual submission is also done by search engine optimizers so web crawlers can index that web site and rank it. Directories are also one type of search engine and website should be submitted to these directories in order to increase link popularity.

Link Exchange:-
This is one of the most important and powerful step in the SEO. Search engines counts Link popularity in ranking the site. So the number of incoming links to a site from the related site is very important. These back links can be achieved by exchanging links with other sites.

Pay Per Click Campaigns:-
The search engine results pages contain not only listings of documents found to be relevant to the user’s query, but other content, including paid advertisements also. “Pay Per Click” – PPC is the secondary source results for search engines. Google, for example, serves up ads from its well-known AdWordsProgram. In short for PPC, we have to pay for the advertisement we want to display on search engine results. The nice thing about Pay Per Click is that one only needs to pay when someone clicks on his/her advertisement. But to get best result from this Pay Per Click Campaign, the website needs to be combined with good website optimization.